Sunday Morning Review – September 18, 2016


God at Work at CenterPoint

Knowing the Lord of the Universe is an exciting adventure.  As His children, we are invited to join the Lord in what He is doing… in His work in our lives, in His body of Believers, and in His great plan to reach the world.  On occasion, we experience times where the Lord shows His work in a special way.  The last few weeks at CenterPoint Bible Church has been one of those times for me (Pastor Lowell).

Five things come to mind…

  • CenterPoint Anniversary – We celebrated our 8-year anniversary! There is such a benefit to long term, faithful ministry.  CenterPoint, you have been faithful… keep going.
  • Believers Baptized – At our recent Baptism Service, many people shared their story of God’s working in their lives. God is at work and it was a joy to hear His Story… keep telling!
  • Strong Focus – The last few weeks and months of Focus Hour has been some of our strongest attendance on record. God’s People are experiencing Community… keep connecting!
  • Worship Excitement – As the Body has gathered at CenterPoint to praise the Lord, I have so enjoyed the real, passionate expression of love for the Lord… keep worshipping!
  • Growing Children – One of my favorite CenterPoint moments is when the children enter the room to sing with their family. It pictures so much to me – reaching the next generation, having a childlike faith, our confidence in approaching the throne room of God… keep Pointing them to Jesus.

God is always good to us, but sometimes, He allows us to see it in fresh ways.  It has been one of those times for me.

The Coming Weeks at CenterPoint

  • Workday –Saturday, September 24 @ 8 AM. A whole church workday on the CenterPoint Property.
  • Focus Groups – For the next 2 weeks, CenterPoint is completing a special study called “Growing Like Jesus”.
  • BigMAC – On Sunday, October 2, we will be hosting a CenterPoint Favorite – a BIG Meal After Church.  Bring a side dish and dessert and plan to stay for lunch.

Worship Service at CenterPoint

In the Worship Service on Sunday, we continued our study through the Book of Daniel.  This week, we arrived at Daniel 4.  In God’s Grace, the time had come for Nebuchadnezzar to learn a lesson.  The Lord humbled him for seven years – seven years of living, eating, and wearing his hair like an animal!  These events, as striking as they may sound, were to teach a simple lesson.  The Most High God has dominion over all the earth and His Kingdom will last forever.   Remember, it’s not the size of our kingdom that is the problem, its who reigns on the throne.

At the end of our Worship Service, we celebrated communion together.  What an Amazing Truth… the Most High God became the servant of Sinful Man in order that we can be given the Righteousness of God.

As we left, we sang, “Chains are broken, Shame has fallen, All my sins are gone.”