Sunday Morning Review – October 2, 2016


Sunday Morning Review Forecast!

Rather than a Sunday Morning Review – it is time for a special word about what is coming this week at CenterPoint.   The opportunity for a new start only comes along once in a while – and this is one of those times.  At CenterPoint this Sunday, we are beginning two new Focus Groups.

Focus On Marriage – Pastor Lowell and Nancy will be teaming up to address one of the biggest needs in our culture – Understanding God’s Plan for Marriage.   A God-honoring marriage is becoming a rare commodity in our world today… and this saddens our Lord.  Regardless of how long (or how short) you have been a couple, this study will be a tremendous benefit to you, your spouse, and your family.

In order to Focus on Marriage, we will be including many tools in our journey towards a God honoring marriage.  We will be using the Love and Respect video material, adding our own practical lessons about marriage and relationships, and providing opportunities for couples to interact with others about how to honor the Lord in our relationships.

Over my (Pastor Lowell) years as a Pastor, I have recommended this study on many occasions and have used the principles from it to counsel many couples.  I really can’t speak any higher for its content and application to your relationship.  No matter your length of marriage, your past relationship success, or your past relationship failures, you will benefit from this Focus Group.  Join our study and bring a couple that needs God’s help as well.

Focus on James – The Book of James is one of most practical sections of Scripture in the whole Bible.  Pastor Brock Keppley will be working through this “Handbook on Christianity” in a verse-by-verse manner.  This study will address issues such as understanding God’s will, applying God’s Word, managing cliques and favoritism, taming the tongue, avoiding worldliness, and handling our money.  It is a very practical book!

Pastor Brock has been teaching Focus Groups at CenterPoint for 8 years and has developed a reputation of being a dynamic teacher who is able to help others to understand and apply the Bible.

At CenterPoint, Focus Groups provide a place for us to interact with a Bible Teacher in personal manner.  It’s in this setting that we can ask questions, raise dilemmas, and understand how to handle our Bible difficulties.    This study will be another opportunity for our body to experience this kind Bible teaching.


CenterPoint Focus Groups meet each week at Spring Mills Middle School at 9:30 AM prior to the CenterPoint Worship Service.  They provide an opportunity to develop a believers Intimacy with Christ, Community with Others, and Influence in our World.