Sunday Morning Review – October 30, 2016


When God is our Leader…

Throughout our study of the book of Daniel, we have seen the strength and character of a man of God.  Repeatedly, Daniel has leaned upon the Lord and upon the reality that we are aliens and strangers in this world.   We have seen how the Lord rules the world… in spite unbelieving people, difficult challenges, and intense opposition.  Daniel has demonstrated the truth of Daniel 11:32, “the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.”

In our sermon on Sunday, we began studying Daniel’s prayer and God’s Answer.  This passage is an intimate glimpse into the heart of Daniel.  We see his devotion to the Lord as he begins his prayer with Confession – a Confession of both Allegiance and Conviction.  This overflow of Daniel’s heart demonstrated his knowledge of God and trust in His promises.

Daniel knew the promises of God and looked to the LORD as his leader, his ruler, his judge.  He lived out the name his parents had assigned him, The Lord is my Judge.

When God is our Trust…

Like Daniel, we can look to the promises of God to bring us hope, to bring peace, and to bring us knowledge of our God.  While some of the specific promises may be different, God is the same.

I recently reached out to 12 Godly Men with this question, “As a believer in Christ, what specific promises do you depend upon and cherish?”  Their answers were quite instructive and empowering.

Jesus Christ’ Promises to Depend Upon And Cherish

  1. My Sins are Forgiven – 1 John 1:9… “He is faithful and just to forgive…”
  2. No Condemnation in Christ – Romans 8:1, 31… “If God is for us, who can be against us?”
  3. Indwelt by Spirit of God – Ephesians 1:14… “The Holy Spirit is the guarantee of our inheritance.”
  4. Promise of Heaven – Revelation 21:1-4… “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth.”
  5. Jesus will never leave me – Hebrews 13:5… “I will never leave you.”
  6. God’s unconditional love – John 3:16… “For God so loved the world…”
  7. Christ is sufficient – 2 Corinthians 12:9… “My grace is sufficient for you.”
  8. God knows best – Romans 8:28… “God works all things together for good…”
  9. Jesus is coming back – Revelation 1:7… “Behold His coming…”
  10. No longer a slave to sin – Romans 6:22… “you have been set free from sin”


In Focus Groups…

CenterPoint is currently offering two Adult Focus Groups:

  • James – Pastor Brock and Brian Hobbs are working through this wonderfully practical book.
  • Love and Respect – Pastor Lowell is leading through this Marriage Video Series.

CenterPoint News…

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