CenterPoint Baptism… A Unique Experience!

This year, at our Anniversary Celebration, CenterPoint will be celebrating an awesome picture of our relationship with Jesus Christ – Water Baptism.

A baptism service is one of my favorite moments in our church life. It’s a special moment that brings us closer to the Lord and to one another.

  • I love to hear each person’s unique story of how the Lord has worked in their life.
  • I love to see the person’s family and loved ones as they witness the baptism.
  • I love to see the joy on each person’s face as they come out of the water as a picture of our new life in Christ.

These types of moments are special; and part of their specialness is their rarity.

I hope that the whole CenterPoint Family will get to experience these moments.

“Why is baptism such a big deal?”

The answer is that baptism symbolizes our identification with Jesus Christ – and that is a big deal.

The physical process of baptism has no spiritual value in itself. Contact between water and skin accomplishes nothing except perhaps to remove dirt. The physical process is significant only in its symbolism, and the symbolism is rich. Baptism pictures a believer’s identification with Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection (Romans 6:4; Colossians 2:12).

When a person is baptized, they are providing all who are present with a clear picture of their own decision to completely depend upon the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. They have been united with Jesus in His death and in His resurrection — and they want all to know it!

Baptism is my declaration of dependence.

I am dependent upon His death, His burial, and His resurrection. He is my Lord. He was willing to die. He conquered death. He is alive today. And because He Lives, I am a new creation. That is what baptism symbolizes.

I have been asked, “Is it okay to be ‘re-baptized’?” The Bible does command us to be baptized, but it does not appear to be something that is repeated over and over again. However, since baptism is simply my identification with Jesus, a person is certainly free to be “re-baptized” if they feel the need to do so.

CenterPoint will be having a Baptism Service on Sunday, September 10 at our Anniversary Celebration held at Thomas and Bette Evans’ home. If you or a family member would like to be baptized, please respond to this email and plan to be at the Baptism Class held after the Worship Service on Sunday, August 27 in the library.

May God be glorified in our “Declaration of Dependence”!