Why does CenterPoint exist?

CenterPoint exists because there is a God and he loves people!

The most effective evangelistic method on earth is church planting. It best corresponds to the Biblical method and has proven effective in many different settings. Berkeley County is one of the fastest growing counties in the country and the Lord is bringing many people from a variety of backgrounds to our front doors. With a new church comes new opportunities to introduce these people to Jesus Christ and His Word.

Therefore, out of passionate love for God and a burden for people, Centerpoint Bible Church must glorify God by pointing others to Jesus Christ & His Word in order that we will be empowered to live full-time Christianity in our secular world.

How will CenterPoint fulfill it's mission?

The church is people – not a building or location. So, we will fulfill our mission through individual believers teaming together around that common goal –Pointing Others to Jesus Christ and His Word.

Our plan is to follow His plan --- for followers of Jesus Christ to use the gifts God has given them to proclaim the Gospel, His message of love and forgiveness. So the short answer is through you – the body of Christ.

What is the ministry plan at CenterPoint?

Our ministry plan can be divided into four parts… Local Outreach, Intimacy with God, Community with Believers, and Influence with our World.

We have designed a ministry strategy to allow people to work through this process toward what we call full-time Christianity.

Where does CenterPoint meet?

We meet at Spring Mills Middle School (255 Campus Drive, Martinsburg, WV) which is directly off I-81 (exit 20).  We hold the Worship Service in the cafeteria and use classrooms for children’s ministry rooms and adult classrooms. You will be pleasantly surprised with the attractiveness of this facility.

Is there a CenterPoint Office?

Since the main services will be held at Spring Mills Middle School, we recognized the need for a permanent office and discipleship space for the new church. The Lord has led us to establish the Ministry Center that will be used to serve as the hub of our weekly ministry in a permanent and professional setting.

The Ministry Center is located at 5530 Williamsport Pike, Martinsburg, WV beside Barney's Restaurant.

When is our main service held and what is it like?

Our main worship service is held on Sunday mornings from 10:45-12:00. Our weekly worship service consists of prayer, music, preaching, and connecting with others.

What is the preaching like?

Pastor Lowell is our main preaching pastor. The Bible preaching is primarily be expositional book studies. Our desire is that the messages will be engaging and relevant to real life.

What is the music like?

The praise team leads the worship music. Our desire is for the worship music to be excellent, focused, and genuine. We do not desire to “lift up” any particular style of music; but to only “lift up” God and His glory. We use mostly modern worship songs and choruses

What about gatherings other than worship services?

Sunday School (Focus Groups)
On Sunday morning, CenterPoint has a discipleship hour (called Focus Groups) that includes Adult Bible Classes, Youth Ministry, and Children’s Sunday School. This is held prior to our morning worship service every Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30. These ministries will center around four goals – Prayer, Connection, Community, and Teaching. This Sunday format provides just the right opportunity for teaching and relationship building.

Sunday Evening
CenterPoint does not currently have a weekly Sunday evening service. However, at different times throughout the year, we have small groups that meet in homes or the Ministry Center on various evenings of the week. Our Teen Ministry, The Point, meets on Sunday evenings for fun, teaching, food and fellowship.

What about our children and teenagers?

CenterPoint values families, teenagers, and children. Therefore, we desire to have a full-complement (all ages) of ministries on Sunday mornings. There are age-appropriate ministries for infants, preschoolers, children, teens and adults.

Our Teen Ministry, The Point, meets on Sunday evenings for fun, teaching, food and fellowship.