Our Story

God Plants a Seed (April 2007)

Early in 2007, God began burdening a small group of believers from Independent Bible Church with the growing need for a new church in the Berkeley County area. With the exploding growth of our community and our deep belief that God’s most effective means of evangelism is Church Planting, we began praying and searching for the most God-honoring way to begin a new church. Pastor Lowell McDonald and Pastor Billy Hearn began discussing the possibility of starting a new church and started sharing that vision with others.

Lowell and Billy discovered that they had a similar heartbeat for the clear teaching of God’s Word, a belief that real Biblical community is possible, a strong desire to share Christ with those in our midst who need Him, and a burden that Christ’ church is the only means to see these principles achieved. These guiding principles began to mold all that was done to prepare the way for this new church.

Planting Team Is Formed (March 2008)

In early 2008, the “Planting Team” was formed with individuals and families from Independent Bible Church and Fellowship Bible Church with the mission to develop a plan and strategy of establishing a church to “point others to Jesus Christ and His Word.” Most were moved by the Lord with the concept of reaching those in our community who have rejected or never experienced a real relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. While we did not know exactly what to expect, many people responded to the call to join the “biggest mission team going the shortest distance”.

Pre-Launch Period (Summer 2008)

Throughout the summer of 2008, the team worked tirelessly to prepare the way for the new church. Permission was granted to meet at Spring Mills Middle School. Additionally, we desired a place to act as our “center of operations” in the community. A location was found for our Ministry Center and the work began. The church met on 3 different occasion during the summer to hold “preview services”. While we did not invite the public to these services, they did provide us with an understanding of what it would take to meet in a school building.

On August 31, our sending church, Independent Bible Church, had a sending service where the team was brought before the church and sent out to establish this new work. It was a powerful sight for the mother church to see the team that God had brought together.

We live by the promise that, “some plant, some water, but God provides the increase.”

Launch Date Arrives (September 14, 2008)

On September 14, 2008, we held our first public service. The team members had no idea what to expect on that first Sunday. Our exclusive means of promotion was the individual invitations of the Planting Team Members. Many families and individuals invited friends, relatives, coworkers, and neighbors — what a wonderful blessing when we had over 170 people at our first service! God had led, His people responded, and CenterPoint Bible Church was blessed.

While our Launch felt like a finish line to the team members, the reality is that it is only the start of following Christ in His mission of church planting.

Now, CenterPoint Bible Church presses forward fulfilling our desire to “Point others to Jesus Christ and His Word.”