Our Vision

Centerpoint Bible Church is a new church in Berkeley County, WV that exists to Point Others to Jesus Christ and His Word.  To better understand CenterPoint Bible Church, look no further than our name:

Center – We were created for a relationship with the Lord.  Without the Lord at the Center of our Lives, we will never experience the life God has designed for us.  While many claim to have the answer to life, Jesus Christ was clear that He is the way, the truth, and the life.  Only when he is at the center of our lives will we begin to experience life as He designed.

Point – We exist to “Point others to Jesus Christ and His Word”.  As we place the Lord at the Center of our lives, we quickly become aware of those around us who are “off-center”.  The Lord’s desire is that we would join Him by pointing others to His son, Jesus Christ, and His Word.  At CenterPoint, our ministry revolves around that one purpose.

Bible – It is no mistake that Bible is our middle name.  God has only written one book and it is readable, practical, and life-changing.  We believe that the Bible is God’s Word and we desire to allow It to direct our lives.

Church  While many have negative feelings about “church”, we must realize that the Lord has promised to use His Church to fulfill his plan here on earth.  If done biblically, Christs’ Church has a dynamic influence on the community where it is located.  So, we do not shy away from the term.  As a church, we are nothing less than a group of people who have placed our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and are striving to live out our lives in a way that fulfills His plan.