#114 – The Reality of Hell

Today’s podcast topic flows out of Matthew 5:29–30 where Jesus reference Hell.  Hell is topic that few like to discuss, but Jesus certainly did!

In our modern culture, people struggle to accept Jesus’ words about Hell.  As a result, some have constructed alternative views of Hell.  These false views of Hell include:

  • Annihilationism or Conditional Immortality – Those who reject Christ will seek to exist at death.
  • Universalism – All humans will ultimately spend eternity in Heaven.
  • Let’s call this one Nothingism – After death, not believers are “eternally conscious, but not human”
  • Mythological View of Hell – Hell is only a metaphor that depicts “hell within history” or “the consequential out working of sinful life patterns” or “a powerful metaphor for the most extreme suffering and squalor in this world.

In our study, we should remember the words of Francis Chan, Don’t get so lost in deciphering Hell that you forget to tremble.”

The Bible describes Hell as a literal place of punishment after judgment that is described in terrible terms that is never ending for those who die separated from Christ.

Jesus described several key truths about Hell.

  1. Hell was created by Jesus for Satan and the fallen angels – Matthew 25:41; Colossians 1:16
  2. Hell is a place of punishment after judgment – Matthew 25:46
  3. Hell is described in imagery of first, darkness, weeping, and gnashing of teeth – Matthew 8:11-12; 13:41-42, 49-50; 22:13
  4. Hell is described as a never-ending punishment – Matthew 25:46

Several items were referenced:

  1. Hell Under FireAn overview of Hell by theological heavy weights such as Daniel I. Block, Sinclair B. Ferguson, R. Albert Mohler Jr., Douglas J. Moo, and J. I. Packer.  You can purchase it here for $3.49!
  2. Erasing Hell… by Francis Chan can be purchased here.
  3. The article, “Do We Still Need to Believe in Hell?” from the Wall Street Journal can be accessed here.