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CenterPoint Bible Church exists to Glorify God by “Pointing Others to Jesus Christ and His Word.” Our desire is to see believers in Jesus Christ center their whole existence upon Jesus Christ and His Word. Our call is to lead this Body to experience Intimacy with God, Community with Other Believers and Influence in our World.

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We call our Worship Service our “front door”. This Sunday, why not come out to CenterPoint and walk on through?


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God knows who you are, He loves you, and He wants you to know and love Him.



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Our call is to lead this Body to experience Intimacy with God, Community with Other Believers and Influence in our World.


Sunday Morning Review

lament   /ləˈment/    Definition: a passionate expression of grief or sorrow. When you see a picture of the sky… with the sun close to the horizon… do you think it is a sunrise or a sunset? In the service!! Often it is hard to determine if the sun is rising, or if the sun is setting.  On Sunday, Pastor Brent opened the book of Lamentations for us and shared what Jeremiah was experiencing many years ago.  Not only just a snapshot, but Jeremiah could see the setting darkness coming on

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Sunday Morning Review Forecast! Rather than a Sunday Morning Review, it is time for a special word about what is coming this week at CenterPoint.   The opportunity for a new start only comes along once in a while - and this is one of those times.  At CenterPoint this Sunday, we are beginning two new Focus Groups. Focus On Marriage – Pastor Lowell and Nancy will be teaming up to address one of the biggest needs in our culture – Understanding God’s Plan for Marriage.   A God-honoring mar

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Well, the writing was on the wall… Sunday Recap In the sermon on Sunday, we learned that the writing was literally on the wall for one historical leader.  In Daniel 5, Belshazzar was in the midst of a lavish party, when the Lord brought the fingers of a hand to write an ominous message.  All the leaders and spiritual guides were unable to decipher this strange message.  It took a servant of the Living God to see and hear what the Lord was saying to this heathen nation.  Daniel was brou

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God at Work at CenterPoint Knowing the Lord of the Universe is an exciting adventure.  As His children, we are invited to join the Lord in what He is doing… in His work in our lives, in His body of Believers, and in His great plan to reach the world.  On occasion, we experience times where the Lord shows His work in a special way.  The last few weeks at CenterPoint Bible Church has been one of those times for me (Pastor Lowell). Five things come to mind... CenterPoint Anniversary –

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